Entry 2

One thing about losing your REAL parents is that you end up with substitutes of one form or another. In my case, if Meredith was a substitute mother…then Kelson would be my father. Well…calling him a father might be a stretch, but he was there to teach me how to fight. He taught me how to steal, how to hide and how to snag a purse. I learned how to be a thief.

Kelson was the one who found me, half drowned and bleeding, on the riverbed. I don’t know what to call it, mercy, kindness…maybe just pragmatism, but something in him convinced him to pick me up and carry me back to town. He lived in Fallcrest, the town I came to know as home until recently. He turned out to be the leader of a local band of thugs running out of a rundown taphouse called the Lucky Gnome.

Growing up with the Rats, as we were called, wasn’t so bad. I had a certain amount of freedom, something I would never have found in the Drow slave pens. I can say that I enjoyed learning and fighting with the rest of the band. Kelson saw that I was quick to pick things up, and my skills developed pretty fast. I was out on the street doing petty crime while I was still a kid.

It was Kelson who gave me a name. I didn’t know it at the time, but Aramil was one name in the Eladrin language that he knew. He told me he had only met one of the fey race and Aramil had been his name. Of course, he didn’t tell me that I was Eladrin right away. For many years, he told me I was an elf. I didn’t know any better, so I believed him. It was in my early teens that some of my innate abilities started to develop.

Kelson had me snooping around a local merchant shop he wanted to put the squeeze on. I was just eavesdropping, hoping to pick up some useful info. I was in an alleyway hiding under a window. The merchant was talking about a shipment and it sounded like something juicy. I couldn’t quite hear him and I was really straining to make out the details. I thought…if only I were a little closer. I poked my head over the window ledge and took a quick peek inside of the room. I could see a spot behind a door that would be a perfect spot to hide. I ducked back down, wishing I could be inside the room…and then I was! Somehow, I had moved myself from the alley to the hiding spot behind the door. Of course, I was so surprised that I gave out a yell…which gave me away. Let’s just say I managed to get away, which required some quick thinking and fast talking; two things I seem to have a natural talent for.

Before long, I was able to control my ability to teleport short distances. Then my value as a thief went up a lot. You can’t imagine how easy it is to steal when you can ignore locked doors and windows. It was also handy when trying to make a getaway. Anyway, I spent the years stealing, and arm twisting on behalf of Kelson and the rest of the Rats. I was happy enough, but…I was never satisfied. I can’t say I enjoyed my work. Somehow, I always felt that I was meant for something better.

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Entry 2

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