Entry 3

Looking back at what I’ve written, I realize that I’ve been writing a lot about the past. I know I’m really writing this all to myself and I already know my own back story. I suppose someone might read this some day…anyway…rambling

Like I said before; I always thought I was meant for something better. I just never got the opportunity to do anything meaningful to prove it…until…

Kelson pulled me aside one day, a few months ago now. Said there was a bunch of do-gooders heading out to look into some local merchants getting robbed…or something. He wanted me to check them out, keep an eye on them. I guess he felt that they could just do enough good that the local officials might turn their attention on him. Kelson was always worried about how things might affect his ‘business’ interests. Anyway…

I got myself into a position to be able to listen in on their meeting with the lord warden of Fallcrest. Seems some goblins had been attacking local merchant caravans. He had assembled a strange bunch to go out and check it out. There was a Dwarf in heavy armor, a Dragonborn and a human. They were all men…or…males. I thought I recognized the human as a local kid. Turns out his parents run one of the local businesses. Guess his family had some coin.

So this bunch were going out to some old ruin where the goblins were supposed to be living. I followed them pretty closely, right up to the entrance. I waited a while before following them inside. There were goblins aplenty, and it sounded like they were handling things pretty well. Still, they reached a sticky spot where they were being pinned down by some javelin throwers up on high ledges. I’m not sure why, but I suddenly decided that I would lend them a hand. I sneaked in, trying to stay hidden from goblins and party alike, and used my teleport ability to get up behind one of the spear chuckers. Things didn’t go quite as planned, cuz the little bastard almost knocked me off the platform, which gave me away to everyone. So…we finished the battle and, even though I had been helpful, they were a bit suspicious of me. Hey, who can blame them really?

I came clean about why I was following them. They seemed willing to let me accompany them again. Of course I had to go back to Kelson and tell him what had happened. He was skeptical when I told him that I couldn’t think of a better way to keep tabs on the group than to travel with them. In hindsight, I know he wasn’t happy about it at all. In fact…he eventually tried to kill me…but that’s another entry in the journal.

Entry 3

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