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Like I said, I’m no writer. Thing is, these images haunt me and the only way I can think to deal with them is to write them down. Sure…I can keep track of the days as they go by, but I’m really doing this so I don’t go crazy.

I guess I should start from the beginning…or…at least A beginning…

I don’t know who my parents were. I only know that they were killed by the Drow sometime after I was born. I didn’t even know they were of a race called Eladrin until my “adoption” by Kelson. He knew what I was from pretty early on though, like many, he first mistook me for an Elf. When he found me, I was starving, wounded, half dead. I’m sure my features were pretty had to distinguish, but…I’m getting off topic

Let’s see…A beginning…

It was dark.

There were dark skinned, white haired “people” who called themselves Drow.

There was pain.

Then there was Meredith. She was the first living thing to show me that “kindness” could exist between intelligent creatures. Before Meredith, all I knew was that I was of the slave race and I lived to serve the Drow. I understand now that Meredith was a human woman, but at the time, the only distinction I knew was…slave or…Drow. Elf, Human, Dwarf even Orc…it didn’t matter. We were all the same in the eyes of the Drow.

I was a very young child when my family was taken. I only have fleeting images of a time and place before the Drow city. I can’t even be sure that they are real memories. I suppose they could just be fantasies cooked up by my childish imagination. Anyway, the Drow had no interest in caring for me themselves so…they left it to the other slaves to care for children. Meredith was my mother for those brief years. It was she who was responsible for our escape. She kept me alive during our long journey to the surface. If not for her sacrifices I would not have made it out of the underdark.

I don’t remember much about the journey, but I know that we finally emerged in a cave very near the surface. We were unlucky though. It turned out to be the den of a large beast that I later learned was a cave bear. I was injured badly, but Meredith gave her life so that I might escape. She literally threw me out of the cave entrance. I remember falling. I remember rain, and I remember landing in a river, but I am still haunted by the sound of her screams.

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First entry

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